Italian Weddings

Tuscany Wedding Photography

Isla and Ben

Oh my DAYS! Well if you’re going to tie the knot, there is no better way to tie it than in the sun in a beautiful place with your all your favourite people! Isla and Ben did just that - in style my friends - in STYLE! Laughing smiling and some serious lurrrve were the agenda of the day, with some incredible food and some epic dancing thrown in for good measure. Plus a four man bomb into a swimming pool. Oh yes!!

The day was held at the beautiful ‘Il Casale del Marchese’ a luxury villa just in the little town of Bettole near Siena and wowsers it was just perfect. Isla and Ben had planned so well, and we were lucky enough to dodge some thunder storms to get the most ideal weather and light! Make sure you scroll down to the vineyard pictures in the evening, and if you’re doing that they go even further to some fun dancing pics!!

I was lucky enough to meet Isla travelling in Australia, in Byron Bay to be exact. A group of us had a funny trip up to the lighthouse there and we have stayed friends ever since, it’s been so wonderful seeing her little family grow with Ben to include Hamish the pupster too, I can’t wait to see where their adventures take them.

If you’re looking for a destination wedding photographer in Tuscany - ciao bella! It’s always dreamy to photograph the weddings of people who want to do things a little differently - and even more of an honour to share in those precious moments that will be reminisced on for years to come. Thank you Isla and Ben you legends - what a day! Can’t wait to share more of your gallery with you! x

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Sorrento Wedding Photography

Sorrento Weddings

Kelly and Andre

Now quite simply put - THIS is my jam!! A wedding in Sorrento, on the Amalfi Coast in Italy with an awesome pair of lovebirds who were intent on gorgeous photos and having the best time! I can't complain when i'm invited along for that kind of magic! Destination weddings are so fun!

Kelly and Andre were just my kind of people, fun, relaxed and down to earth, and my GOODNESS don't they scrub up well! Kelly actually designed her dress herself! A pair of stunners for sure.

This magical day took place at the St Francis Cloisters (or Chiostro Di S.Francesco) for civil ceremonies in the heart of the town, surrounded by beautiful archways and glorious flowers everywhere, you can feel the history as soon as you walk in, the place is so typically Italian it's gorgeous. From there and the 'official tying of the knot', we moved on to celebrate in style at the Hotel Cocumella a little down the road with the most breathtaking 180° view of the bay. SO flipping gorgeous you'd think you were dreaming. This is where everyone could relax, eat delicious food and drink to their hearts content! I think the amount of Jagarbombs that were going down was certainly a sign that these guys were up for a party!!

So less talking, more swooning! Check out this luscious pair and their wonderful wedding celebrations in Sorrento, Italy.  So much happiness, laughter and some knock out couple photos (Kelly's a photographer so she was completely up for shooting in the cooler part of the evening when the light was super soft and flattering! Yay!)  

Enjoy you lovely people! I shall leave you all with my favourite quote xx

"Trust me. You can dance"

- Alcohol -