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London Engagement Photography

Rebecca and Pezhmon

These two absolute dreamboats made my life super easy when I went to photograph them in gorgeous Notting Hill recently ready for their autumn wedding! They are so natural with each other, and genuinely that’s what made photographing them such a walk in the park (not to mention they are pretty easy on the eye hey!) We wandered to a few spots and tried a few different things and YAS we had a ball in the process! These two got married at Northbrook Park in Surrey last week and i’m so excited to work on their images!! Fun places to shoot make a very happy photographer, and pre-wedding shoots particularly make me so happy :) can’t wait to share more from these two… Big love x

The Kings - Christchurch Weddings

Rach and Ian

If you could love two people to death i'd be 100% guilty - I BLOOMING love these two humans and their most beautiful daughter Eva. They are the biggest hoot and just so much fun. Let me set the scene. Rick Astley's most famous lyrics during the ceremony, not just a reading no but ACTUAL VOWS. Tongue in cheek hilariousness, Iain even said "she's going to kill me" just moments before reciting them! To be fair, Rachel's vows included an apology for having short arms and needing help getting things from cupboards. Seriously these two were brilliant.

You will see a LOT of happy people in the coming pictures, happy friends and family plus so many gorgeous touches to, all in all, make it one perfect day. Best day ever some might say :)

Thanks so much for having me along to photography your wedding guys, you were a dream! xx

Venue: The Kings Arms, Christchurch, UK