Lulworth Castle Weddings

Claire and Mikey

Hey lovelies! We are going straight in to the gorgeous gorgeous couple that is Claire and Mikey. These wonderful people know how to throw a HUGE party and their wedding day was one of the best days i've had shooting, we all just had so much fun at Lulworth Castle in Dorset.

I think one of my favourite moments was the look on Claire's face when a brand new Chanel bag got placed in front of her in the morning with presents from her man - it was just great! Claire's smile just lights up any room, and Mikey clearly adores Claire so much it's seriously heartwarming and a joy to photograph. Their wedding was relaxed, fun and full of emotion - it was just perfect.

So i'll leave you with this magical wedding day. This is really what it's all about - two awesome people and one completely awesome celebration. There are A LOT of smiles coming up guys - face hurting smile warning commencing now!! Enjoy friends x