The Kings - Christchurch Weddings

Rach and Ian

If you could love two people to death i'd be 100% guilty - I BLOOMING love these two humans and their most beautiful daughter Eva. They are the biggest hoot and just so much fun. Let me set the scene. Rick Astley's most famous lyrics during the ceremony, not just a reading no but ACTUAL VOWS. Tongue in cheek hilariousness, Iain even said "she's going to kill me" just moments before reciting them! To be fair, Rachel's vows included an apology for having short arms and needing help getting things from cupboards. Seriously these two were brilliant.

You will see a LOT of happy people in the coming pictures, happy friends and family plus so many gorgeous touches to, all in all, make it one perfect day. Best day ever some might say :)

Thanks so much for having me along to photography your wedding guys, you were a dream! xx

Venue: The Kings Arms, Christchurch, UK

Sopley Mill Weddings

Clare and Steve

These guys are all kinds of wonderful. I can safely say I had SUCH a good time photographing this bunch - it was a perfect day and I fell in love with not only the couple but their awesome friends and family too. A MAY ZING.

So Clare and Steve's gorge wedding day was at the beautiful Sopley Mill near Christchurch, Dorset. The weather was incredible and it was one of the most relaxed, chilled days there ever was. Two people who are so right for each other and just fit - it's easy to photograph that kind of connection. 

I'm pretty sure there are some of my favourite photobabys in this post, so get cracking and take a look. Soak up the smiles and share in the amazing times that were had at Clare and Steve's romantic, jet fuelled, awesome, bombdiggity, creative, relaxed, wondrous Sopley wedding day. Much love to this couple for picking me to be a part of their greatest adventure. It really was one of my favourite days ❤︎

All the fantastic suppliers are listed a la bottom, check them out too kids and enjoy! xx

With thanks to the gorgeous couple, their friends and family and these lovely people too...

Sopley Mill Wedding Venue

Caterers: The Piggery

Flowers: Carnival Flowers

Band: The Sweet and Lowdown

Cake: Lisa Notley

Bar: Barouche


Larmer Tree Wedding Photography

Tash and Alex

Hey hey hey you gorgeous humans - thanks so much for stopping by!

Well I have just had the most amazing, ass-kicking summer season of weddings i'm the luckiest girl on the planet!! I've photographed so many awesome couples, fantastic venues and so many magical moments and stories that I am ridiculously excited to share. It's been MENTAL and I have to write that in capitals because it's the only way to explain just how busy it's been :) I'm one very lucky monkey and seriously having so many couples put their trust in me, oh my days, it's just the best feeling!

So I am going to treat you to the most amazeballs day from earlier this summer at the the fab Larmer Tree Gardens (one of my fave venues!) with the beautiful Tash and her beau Alex. This day was just plain fun, really meaningful and couldn't be any more beautiful - i'm sure of it. When you see people wear their hearts on their sleeves then honestly none of the fancy stuff matters - it's all about two people celebrating with their nearest and dearest, whether that be people who have know the bride and groom since they were born or people that have come into their lives more recently - when people really care, it's such a joy to photograph.   

A wedding day is so much more than table centres and chair covers, it's about the smiles, the laughter and all that wonderful ooey-gooey love that makes this world a wonderful place. It all can go further still when you photograph people that are no longer with us and their memories and smiles are kept forever in a picture. MAN, this shit is real and so so important! 

So i'm going to leave with you with the awesomeness, take it in and look at those faces, the happy and the emotional, it's what this is all about homies ;) I was doing many a happy dance photographing these two and their favourites!!

Natasha and Alex - you're awesome!

Until next time, much love xx