Bournemouth Wedding Photographer

Samantha Davis


So.. HEY! I'm Sam, I'm the one with the camera in my hand. The photographer who encourages silliness and dancing on the tables, the one who will make you feel comfortable above all else. I'm the one that gets to show your story. Your moments. 

I am far too relaxed for my own good. I bring out the real you because I am the real me. If you believe that having your photo taken should be easy then you're in the right place :)

I'm the one you're trusting to do this huge, wonderful thing. I've been a wedding photographer in Bournemouth on the south coast of the UK for 9 years and I'm a happy person, confident and so in love with what I do, I'm one lucky lady. 

I totally want to give you goosebumps. I want to give you badass photos of the most important people in your life on the best day of your life! Can you imagine in twenty years when you're still as cool but slightly more wrinkly - you get to remember all those feelings and all the tingly excitement that was the best day marrying your favourite person. 

You're going to look smokin' hot, so in love and so happy! I'll be there. And I'll take you back there for the rest of your life with perfect pictures of it all. Natural, relaxed and beautiful. 

Thanks so much for coming to see what I'm all about and if you like what you see then get in touch!


So let's go on an adventure ❤︎


I shoot weddings throughout the UK and internationally, having shot in Italy, Greece, Cyprus, Australia and New Zealand.

+44 7970 054475 

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Just Press Play - but pop the sound on!

This is me on a good day, when I get to shoot. You'll get to meet my cute fur baby too - Harry!

Bournemouth Wedding Photographer Samantha Davis filmed by the amazing HD Moments x