Life was made for great fun and big adventures!


Dorset Wedding Photographer

Samantha Davis


Hey! I'm Sam, I'm the one with the camera in my hand! The one that gets to show your story, the best people in it and the magic moments that will blow your socks off!

I'm super duper relaxed! I bring out the real you because I'm the real me. If you believe that you should be comfy having your photo taken then you're in the right place my friend! I will help you with natural posing and make sure you feel amazing - no problem. It's my job to be the best I can be FOR YOU!

I've been a wedding photographer in Dorset, England for just over 10 years (where did that time go?!) and I have the pleasure of shooting weddings and portraits all across the UK, throughout Europe and now worldwide. I'm a very happy person, confident and so in love with what I do! 

 Relaxed, fun and creative photography

Thanks so much for coming to see what I'm all about, chances are if you like what you see we are meant to be...I'd love to tell your story. 


Let's go on an adventure ❤︎